RV Finance Loan Calculator
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Move your caravan, motorhome or camper purchase plans along right now by getting an estimate on your RV finance with our online RV Finance Calculator.

We’ve made it simple to use so anyone can have access to this great resource. Like most online forms, you simply enter your personal details and the information on the RV you are looking to purchase and the RV Finance Calculator will quickly give you an estimate of the repayments for your caravan loan, camper finance or motorhome loan.

You can adjust the interest rates on the calculator in line with the repayments you have in mind. Then instantly you will have an estimate of the loan repayments required on the caravan, motorhome or camper that you have in mind to purchase.

Using the RV Finance Calculator is completely obligation free and free to use. When you reach an estimate that fits in with your plans and meets your expectations, then we invite you to speak with our friendly RV Finance Calculator staff on 1300 366 460 to provide you with an accurate finance deal for your purchase.


If you have online access then you have access to the RV Finance Calculator on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Once you have the estimate, speak with our friendly RV Finance Calculator staff on 1300 366 460 to provide you with a confirmed quote for your recreation vehicle loan.


The estimate calculated by the online calculator is not an offer or approval for a loan and does not represent a confirmed offer. These estimates do not allow for lender fees and charges and other charges which may be relevant such as insurance, warranties and fees. It is our company policy, that out of courtesy, a RV Finance Calculator representative will call you. Call 1300 366 460 to discuss your RV Finance Now

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